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Esther Cecilia Boehm

German Canadian artist, Esther Cecilia Boehm, was born in Edmonton, Canada in 1958. She studied Fine Arts from 1976 to 1980 at the University of Alberta where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in sculpture. She has experimented and worked with a wide variety materials both 2 and 3 dimensionally.

Her sculptures range from carving stone or wood to modelling in clay. Commissioned works are found in the North Cemetary in Munich, Germany. For larger pieces and installations she has also used wire armatures in combination with various materials.

In her current project entitled Moving People, Esther’s work becomes more figurative and conceptual, exploring her fascination with the migrations of people since the beginning of time. Her own family history plays an important role.

She started teaching art courses and workshops in a private art studio in Toronto. This continued during the 20 years she lived in Germany. Most recently, she taught 3D Design at the Summer Academy in Eggenfelden Bavaria.

Her studio is now in Heacham where she has lived for the past 2 years.

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