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Penny German

Penny German is an artist from Northamptonshire. She has painted for most of her life. Penny previously specialised in botanical illustration in watercolour, working on projects for the RHS and the Oxford University Press. Ten years ago she discovered a love of oil painting and has since been working to capture the effect of light in still lives and portraits.
A few years ago she discovered the growing phenomenon known as “daily painting” started by Duane Keiser in 2004. So as a way of getting back into painting full time, for the past five years she has striven to produce a still life oil painting each day.
“The daily painting devotees set me on course. I decided i would commit to producing a small study of an every day object…well, every day. It was to be an exploration as well as a commitment to daily practice and a record of my progress. It has been and is a journey of understanding of the medium, light, form and most importantly …self discipline. I continue to paint whatever comes to hand. So you’ll never know what i might be painting next!”

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