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Art Tutors in Norfolk

Sue Welfare

Artist and writer, Sue Welfare lives and works in West Norfolk.

Sue has written professionally for over twenty years, and has had more than thirty books published under her own name and under various pseudonyms, with Harper Collins, Headline and Virgin.

Her writing and her art are inspired by the local rural landscapes, particularly village life and the fabulous Norfolk Coast.

Sue’s art is naïve and colourful , using a rich mix of textiles, free hand embroidery and her greatest passion, handmade felt.

‘I love the raw materials almost as much and sometimes more than the end result, Nothing beats opening a huge parcel of dyed wool, full of the most amazing mouth-watering colours. Making art with felt is a little like working with watercolour but in three dimensions, and gives the same element of serendipity, that adds to the excitement of creating.’

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