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Tod Evans

Tod is a versatile artist and subject matter in her personal work is very much inspired by the natural world. She happily works with pencils, charcoal, pens, inks, watercolour, acrylics and water mixable oils – often combining several media as she explores the potential of an idea. Tods artwork currently focuses on developing more expressive personal mark-making and can be described as ‘lively’, with fusions of colour including dribbles and splatter, often overlaid with calligraphic strokes of brushwork, pastels or inks.

In Tods classes at Norfolk Creative Arts she would like to help participants develop a passion for the process of drawing and painting. Through guided exercises, exploration of mark-making, colour, texture and composition, discover ways to create drawings and paintings that have personal meaning. Taking the natural world and our relationship with it as the theme, the focus will be on working from life with occasional responses to reference images. Her aim is to help learners gain confidence and understanding in their abilities and decision-making whilst developing a personal vision. Her classes are suitable for all abilities.

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